BeyondTrust Password Safe

Introduction to BeyondTrust Password Safe

Security breaches around the globe are growing at an alarming rate. According to a survey report in 2022, cyber-attacks are considered to be one of the significant threats to business growth. The major causes of cyber attacks include weak or stolen credentials, malware, social engineering, insider threats, physical attacks, application vulnerabilities, etc.

Compromised, weak, or stolen identities are one of the significant causes of security breaches in today's market. In this case, the hackers use human and machine identities to gain unauthorized access using malicious techniques and get access to organizational data, networks, etc.

Identity and access management is a modern security approach (software) used by organizations to effectively regulate & track the accessibility of digital identities in an organization. Privilege access management (PAM) is a subset of identity management designed to manage high-end or privileged accounts in an organization.

PAM has become a key security strategy and streamlines the management of privileged accounts. We have multiple PAM solutions in the market, and some of the popular PAM tools are CyberArk, BeyondTrust, Delinea Secret Server, One Identity, StrongDM, ARCON, etc.

Here, we will discuss BeyondTrust and its core component, password safe.

BeyondTrust PAM Solution

BeyondTrust is a leading privileged access management solution used by thousands of customers across the globe to secure from threats, manage accounts, and deliver dynamic environments to support remote access. It offers advanced PAM features and can work on diversified environments like cloud, traditional, and hybrid environments.

BeyondTrust offers an easy-to-navigate centralized user interface for operations like accounts management, analytics, reporting, and more. Moreover, it becomes easier to manage integration configurations, protect endpoints, control access identities, discover threats, etc.

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Here, we will talk about the Password-safe component, one of the critical components of the Beyondtrust solution.

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What is BeyondTrust Password Safe?

BeyondTrust Password Safe is a dedicated software solution for securely managing all passwords in one place. It stores privileged identities related to humans and machines and continuously protects these identities from attacks like account hijacking, exposed passwords, escalation attacks, etc.

BeyondTrust password safe automates operations like accounts onboarding process, password, storage, maintenance, rotation, etc. It also tracks and monitors privileged accounts for forensic review and compliance purposes.

Let's explore popular features of BeyondTrust PAM solution

BeyondTrust Password Safe Features

1) Auto-Onboarding

BeyondTrust password safe offers an excellent feature to discover & onboard privileged accounts automatically and eliminates manual intervention.

2) Credential & Password Management

Password Safe's credential management features secure and regulate access to privileged passwords and automatically rotate passwords on a scheduled basis. Moreover, it executes operations like Ensuring password strength, Rotating SSH keys, removing old passwords, changing passwords, reporting policy violations, etc.

3) Secrets Management

Password Safe Secret management features are a software system regulating access to secrets such as passwords, certificates, API keys, DevOps tools, CI/CD processes, workflows, etc.

4) Application Password Management

Application password management features secure passwords so they can't be easily changed, guessed, shared, or compromised. It uses REST APIs to automate controlled access to applications.

5) Scalable Integrations

Password Safe offers scalable APIs to meet the growing integration needs of organizations. It provides tools and an environment to implement PAM across enterprises.

6) Privileged Session Management

Password Safe offers the features to monitor and record each privileged account session. This would act as evidence and make an investigation process in case of any incident.
BeyondTrust Password Safe Benefits

The following are the considerable advantages of Password Safe:

  • Privileged account password management
  • Adaptive access control
  • Advanced privileged session management
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Handling API requests.
  • Vulnerability Management.

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BeyondTrust has gained immense popularity because of its easy implementation, features, flexibility, and cost. Password Safe is one of the most crucial components of the BeyondTrust solution and manages the end-to-end operations of PAM accounts in an organization.

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Last updated on February 2, 2024