BeyondTrust Interview Questions

Welcome to the BeyondTrust Interview questions and answers blog! BeyondTrust is a market leader in the Privileged Access Management (PAM) segment and offers advanced security features that prevent data breaches arising out of stolen passwords, compromised remote access, misused accessibility, and more.

BeyondTrust Interview Questions and Answers

This blog is been divided into two segments

  • Basic BeyondTrust Interview Questions
  • Advanced BeyondTrust Interview Questions

All the questions and answers presented here are suitable for beginners and experienced PAM professionals. If you are an experienced person and looking for advanced questions then you can directly jump into the advanced questions part.

Basic BeyondTrust Interview Questions

1) What is Privileged Access Management?

In simple terms, Privileged Access Management is an essential segment of Cybersecurity and it consists of various tools and strategies used to control and monitor access to organizational critical resources. PAM regulates the accessibility of users, processes systems, and accounts in an IT environment.

Implementation of the PAM solution in an organization makes it secure by preventing data breaches and mitigating the damage caused by internal or external attacks.

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2) Why is PAM Important?

Data breaches are growing at a faster rate and hackers are finding new ways to hack organizational sensitive information and resources. PAM solution acts as a centralized platform to grant, monitor, and control access to organizational resources and gives you greater control over every aspect. The PAM solution is very important to stay away from cybersecurity attacks and stay strong.

3) Define the Typical Features of the PAM Solution?

The following are the typical features offered by any PAM solution:

  • Multi-Factor authentication
  • An Access Manager
  • A Password vault
  • Session tracking
  • Dynamic authorization
  • Audit Logging
  • Automated Provisioning

4) Can You Explain a Few Privilege Accounts?

  • Local administrative accounts
  • Service account
  • Break glass account
  • Domain administrative accounts
  • Application accounts
  • Active Directory accounts

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5) What are Privileged Passwords?

Privileged Passwords are a subset of credentials that provide authorization to systems, users, and applications to use organizational resources. In DevOps environments, privileged passwords are called secrets.

6) What is BeyondTrust Password Safe?

BeyondTrust Password Safe is a password manager software that secures and manages the entire privileged accounts of an organization. It takes complete accountability of privileged accounts and comes with out-of-the-box features to reduce security risks. 

7) What is Privileged Remote Access?

Privileged Remote Access enables you to manage & control the accessibility of third-party vendors and remote internal users without the need for a VPN. It gives clear visibility into external accessibility, provides greater control, and prevents security breaches.

Advanced BeyondTrust Interview Questions

8) What is End-point Privilege management?

Sometimes users require additional privileges to run specific operations, in such cases, organizations usually provide them with full administrator credentials which often elevates excess permission than a user requires. This type of practice leads to security breaches.

Implementing End-point privilege management enables the administrators to maintain greater control by granting only required accessibility. To put it simply, Endpoint Privileged Management is a process of providing enough access to perform required operations rather than granting full administrator rights.

9) What are the advantages of Endpoint privilege management?

The following are the benefits of endpoint privilege management:

  • Eliminates the need to grant administrator rights to users.
  • Allows required privileges to applications
  • Centralized management
  • Configuration & installation control
  • On-demand accessibility
  • Hasslefree & cost-effective EPM upgrade & Deployment

10) What is BeyondTrust?

BeyondTrust is a leading PAM solution available in the market that has been helping global organizations from security breaches arising out of compromised access, stolen credentials, misused privileges, etc. It is highly scalable and supports modern technology environments like DevOps, cloud, network environments, endpoints, and more.

11) What is BeyondTrust used for?

There are majorly two core reasons for using BeyondTrust

  1. To provide the right access to the right resources
  2. To prevent misuse of Privileges.

12) Name three core products of BeyondTrust?

Following are the three leading solutions offered by BeyondTrust:

  • BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management
  • BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management 
  • BeyondTrust Secure Remote Access

13) SSH Key Management

Secure Socket Shell (SSH) is a network protocol that uses public-key cryptography to allow authorized remote users to securely access resources using SSH keys (credentials). It is very essential to effectively manage SSH keys because it allows remote users to access sensitive organizational data. SSH keys also protect IT infrastructure from malicious insiders. 

14) What are the core BeyondTrust features?

The following are the core features of the BeyondTrust PAM solution:

  • Rotation & Randomization
  • Secure Password Storage
  • Auto Discovery of Accounts
  • SSH Key Management.
  • App to App Credential Security  8p-p[0-[p
  • Service Account Management

15) What is the BeyondTrust App?

The BeyondTrust App allows its users to securely control remote access using mobile devices. BeyondTrust is the first solution that is offering this feature.

Wrapping Up

BeyondTrust innovative features & constant innovation have made it a leading PAM solution in the market. This BeyondTrust questions and Answers blog can be updated with new questions down the line. Stay tuned! 

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Last updated on November 21, 2023