Sailpoint vs Saviynt

Welcome to the mega comparison of Sailpoint vs. Saviynt blog! Securing organizational infrastructure and digital information from evolving cyberattacks has become challenging for digital-age organizations. Cybercriminals generally target businesses or individuals to steal valuable resources such as intellectual property and customer data, damage or destroy information, demand ransomware, etc.

Cybercrime or internet crimes are growing at an exponential rate and causing severe reputational and financial damage to victim organizations. The FBI Internet Crime Report provides shocking statistics, stating that in 2022 alone, cyberattacks cost organizations $10.2 billion.

Cyberattackers typically use methods such as malware, phishing, stealing identities, backdoor trojans, etc. This blog focuses on technologies and tools that help organizations protect themselves from Identity-based attacks. Sailpoint and Saviynt are leading identity and access management solutions that protect organizational identities and automate mundane tasks related to access management.

What is Identity and Access Management? 

Every company has employees who need access to organizational resources to perform their daily job roles. In security terminology, these are called digital identities, and an organization consists of human and machine or system identities. These identities require granular or controlled access to appropriate resources to do their jobs and maintain security.

Digital identities are one of cyber criminals' core targets, and they can quickly achieve their goals by attacking and gaining access to digital identities. Organizations worldwide are using identity access management tools to protect themselves from identity-related attacks.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a combination of tools and technologies that enables access to the right user at the right time. It ensures that only authorized users access the resources and automates most IAM tasks such as provisioning, de-provisioning, password management, and more. Moreover, implementing role-based access control systems eliminates unnecessary exposure to sensitive information.

What is Sailpoint?

Sailpoint is a top identity governance solution that helps organizations implement controlled user and machine access to their resources. Sailpoint helps organizations implement policies governing user access to their applications, data, and other sources. 

In simple words, Sailpoint simplifies policy and compliance implementation, manages end-to-end user access management lifecycle, identifies risks, simplifies user access, improves organizational productivity, eliminates security failovers, etc. 

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What is Saviynt?

Saviynt is a renowned provider of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions in the market. It is a cloud-native solution that supports organizations in effectively managing user access to enterprise applications, data, etc.

Saviynt offers advanced features for user access management and to prevent identity-based cyberattacks, including identity lifecycle management, access governance, privileged access management (PAM), risk analytics, compliance management, cloud security and governance, and integration capabilities.

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Sailpoint vs Saviynt: A Detailed Comparison

Following are the factors we are taking into consideration to draw a comparison between Saviynt and Sailpoint: 





Sailpoint offers different Architectures for both on-prem and cloud versions and is capable of meeting complex IAM requirements.

Saviynt comes with an architecture that is easy to scale and suitable for cloud and hybrid environments 


Sailpoint offers a seamless functionality to manage end-to-end identity and access management of organizations 

Saviynt provides a comprehensive list of features for cloud and on-prem requirements.

Identity Governance

Supports identity governance operations

Saviynt supports both identity governance and administration.

Compliance Management

Sailpoint endorses the implementation of compliance & regulatory policies.  

Saviynt offers a simplified way of aligning with  compliance management

Risk Management

Sailpoint offers a risk-scoring feature that allows identity-based risks, anomaly detention, etc.  

Follows risk-aware access management by analyzing data to detect anomalies, assess access risks, apply risk-based access policies, etc. 

Cloud Integration

It is easy to integrate with all popular cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

It is easy to integrate with all cloud platforms and supports cloud-native IAM functionalities for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS environments.

User Provisioning

Sailpoint offers automated user provisioning and de-provisioning. It manages the end-to-end user journey from joining to leaving a company.

Saviynt also offers automated user provisioning and de-provisioning. Moreover, it supports auto synchronization, workflow provisioning, and more. 

Role Management

Supports role-based access control

Saviynt also supports role management functionalities.

Deployment Options

Supports both on-prem and cloud platforms

Saviyt also supports both cloud and on-prem solutions.

Reporting and Analytics

supports reporting and analytics features. It is easier to build customizable dashboards, log reports, etc.

Saviynt offers reporting, analytics, data visualization, predictive analytics, anomaly detection, etc.


Sailpoint and Saviynt are popular IGA platforms used by thousands of organizations worldwide. The best platform depends entirely on your existing infrastructure, organizational identity, and access management requirements. Though both platforms offer similar capabilities, there are some considerable differences, too. Understanding your organizational IAM requirements can help you opt for a better solution.

By Tech Solidity

Last updated on May 28, 2024