Delinea Secret Server Tutorial

Welcome to the Delinea Privilege Access Management tutorial! Security has become an essential aspect of any organization; any security breach can directly impact an organization's growth and overall performance. Over the last decade, we have seen massive growth in security breaches worldwide, which have caused billions of dollars in losses.

To fight against these evolving security breaches, we have a good pool of security tools and technologies available in the market to fight cyber criminals and data breaches and prevent organizations from them. To secure organizations from cyberattacks, we have a wide range of cybersecurity technologies that can be implemented to secure digital identities, networks, endpoints, data, cloud platforms, etc.

What are Digital Identities?

This blog will discuss one popular platform specializing in identity security. In the security world, employees and machines with access to organizational resources are called identities. These identities are classified into general identities and privileged identities. Let's understand them in detail.

1. General Accounts/ Identities 

These are typical accounts general employees use to perform their day-to-day operations, such as accessing emails, applications, general resources, etc. These accounts have limited access to resources and will not have access to critical or sensitive resources or data. MFA and user access control measures are applied to control unauthorized access.

2. Privilege accounts/ Identities

The other name for Privileged accounts is Administrative accounts. These accounts have additional access to resources and critical information compared to different accounts. The privileged access functionality can be allotted to system engineers, IT administrators, and other authorized personnel to perform advanced operations.

Let's get into the details of the Delinea privileged access management (PAM) solution and explore Delinea, its architecture, features, advantages, and more.

What is Delinea?

Delinea Secret Server is a popular and rapidly growing enterprise-grade privileged access management solution. It helps organizations with advanced features securely store PAM credentials and control access to sensitive information. Delinea offers tight security for sensitive data, mitigates data breaches, and simplifies password management for organizations. 

Delinea Secret Server can be deployed as an on-prem solution, providing 360-degree security control over systems and infrastructure. It is also available as a SaaS product, making signing up easy and getting started.

Delinea is a highly scalable solution that can manage multiple databases, network devices, hypervisors, software applications, etc. Moreover, it supports accessible customization features for on-prem and cloud solutions.

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Delinea Secret Server Features:

Following are the key Delinea features, and let's explore each of them in detail: 

1) Password Storage:

Delinea secret server offers robust security mechanisms to store privileged credentials. It uses encryption technology to encrypt passwords and eliminates the chances of unauthorized user access.

2) Access Control:

Facilitating proper access to users is crucial for them to perform their duties and eliminate unnecessary exposure of sensitive information to all users. Delinea Secret server provides a role-based access Control (RABC) feature to give users access based on their job role and minimize data exposure.

3) Privilege Escalation Management:

Privilege Escalation is a common strategy cybercriminals use to compromise systems and gain unauthorized access. Delinea secret server comes with built-in features to fight privilege escalation and protect resources from data breaches.

4) Automated Password Management:

Automated Password management increases productivity and eliminates data breaches from human password management mistakes. Delinea offers an auto password management feature to eliminate human intervention and streamline processes.

5) Auditing & Reporting:

Understanding the log information to track access information and sports trends and understand user access behavior is crucial. Delinea offers auditing & reporting capabilities to understand the user access way in a simplified way.

6) Multi-Factor Authentication:

Multi-factor authentication adds an extra verification step to validate user login and is one of the popular security practices followed by most organizations. Delinea allows organizations to implement  MFA wherever it is required.

7) Integration:

Delinea offers seamless integration capabilities to make organizations 100% secure across every integration. This flexible integration process would help organizations implement Delinea at every integration and prevent breaches that arise in the integration process.

8) Backup and Disaster Recovery

Delinea allows administrators to perform backup and recovery operations manually and on schedule. Administrators can export secret data to a CSV spreadsheet.

9) Web Services and APIs

Delinea supports different web services and APIs that make the privilege account manager implementation process far easier at an enterprise level. APIs help automate critical security processes, streamline workflow development, integrate third-party applications, develop custom workflows, enhance DevOps practices, etc. 


Delinea is gaining traction in the privileged access management (PAM) segment with its easy-to-use innovative features and continuous development of modern features to stay competitive. Moreover, Delineaa experts are among the highly demanded and highly paid professionals in the market. You can check out PAM and IAM-related courses on our website, techsolidity.

By Tech Solidity

Last updated on May 30, 2024