IdentityIQ vs IdentityNow

SailPoint IdentityIQ vs IdentityNow

We have witnessed a massive disruption across every business sector and the core reason is rapid growth of information technology development. Businesses worldwide have been involved in the digital transformation process and equipped themselves with world-class technologies to serve their clients faster and better.

The modern business landscape requires innovative security measures to protect its digital assets from evolving threats. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one such solution that enables organizations to secure digital assets, provide regulated access to employees, implementing security policies, minimizing data leaks, identifying security breaches, improving performance, simplifying compliance, etc.

Sailpoint is a market leader in the IAM segment serving global organizations with its unmatched security features. Sailpoint offers two products, which are Sailpoint IIQ, which is an on-prem solution & Sailpoint IdentityNow which is a cloud solution.

In this blog post will get into the details of features and functionality of each solution and also will compare with each other in different aspects. Let's get into the details.

What is Sailpoint IIQ

Sailpoint IIQ is also known as Sailpoint IdentityIQ, an on-prem solution built for medium to large scale enterprises with complex IAM needs. This platform has been designed to cater to organizations' modern Identity & access management requirements. Sailpoint IIQ platform comes with an extensive list of connectors that regulate & govern access to applications.

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Sailpoint IIQ simplifies organizations in enforcing security compliances, across the organization and managing end to end lifecycle of user provisioning & deprovisioning, separation of duties, access certification, password management, etc. 

Sailpoint IIQ is equipped with AI and ML technologies to automate user provisioning to the right resources at the right time to perform their duties. 

Following is the list of Sailpoint IIQ features:

  • Compliance Manager
  • Password management
  • Privileged access management
  • Lifecycle manager
  • Risk Management, etc.

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Sailpoint IdentityNow

Sailpoint IdentityNow is a cloud based governance solution that offers a modern identity and access management solution that is easy to set up and scale up and down instantly. As global organizations are moving towards the cloud, Sailpoint has introduced an innovative SaaS-based platform that is equipped with AI & ML capabilities and easy to get started with.

Sailpoint IdentityNow solution offers features to handle user provisioning, de-provisioning, password management, access request, access certification, etc, across cloud and on-prem applications. Moreover Sailpoint IdentityNow offers advanced capabilities such as AI-based recommendations, Analyze identity data, auto building of roles, protects cloud platforms and workloads, etc.

Following is the list of Sailpoint Identitynow Features:

  • User Password Management
  • Access Requests
  • Access Certification
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Provisioning 
  • Strong Authentication 
  • Analytics.

Sailpoint IIQ Vs. IdentityNow

Sailpoint IIQ and IdentityNow are undoubtedly the leading IAM platforms in today's business world and though they both offer IAM solutions they come with significant differences. Sailpoint IIQ is a fully governed on-prem IAM solution, whereas Identiynow is a cloud-based enterprise-grade IAM solution that offers easy setup and scale. Let's compare Sailpoint IIQ and Sailpoint IdentityNow.

  Sailpoint IIQ Sailpoint IdentityNow
Platform Sailpoint IIQ is a leading on-prem identity & Access management software solution Sailpoint IdentityNow is a SaaS-based Identity and Access management solution.
Components It components with key IAM concepts such as Identity IQ compliance manager, lifecycle manager, password manager, file access manager, etc. Sailpoint IdentityNow components include access requests, certifications, provisioning, password management, separation of duties, etc.
Deployment It is an on-prem governance solution and deployed either on an organizational data center or private cloud network Sailpoint fully manages the IdentityNow solution. It is hosted and managed by Sailpoint in the cloud
Implementation Complexity Sailpoint IIQ implementation is a complex process and requires software and hardware setup. Moreover it involves a lot of time to do configurations and prepare it. As the IdentityNow solution is a SaaS-based offering, it requires no hardware or software setup. The organizations can quickly start and scale as per the requirements.
Scalability Scalability is not that easy with Sailpoint IIQ and requires additional infrastructure setup. Scaling - up and scaling down is far more straightforward when it comes to Sailpoint Identynow and requires no extra infrastructure setup.
Upgrades Organizations take care of upgrades and maintenance operations. To perform critical tasks like upgradation fixing patches requires internal experts. Here in IdentityNow, everything is automated. Things like upgrades, adding new features, are automatically taken care of and maintained by Sailpoint.
Suitability Sailpoint IIQ solution is highly suitable for the clients who need extensive customizations and with complex governance requirements. This solution is suitable for those organizations who are more concerned about cloud solutions, require no maintenance, and looking for scalable options with predictable solutions.
Costing Sailpoint IIQ is available on traditional licensing model Organizations have to buy Sailpoint IIQ license to get started with. Sailpoint Identity now follows a subscription-based pricing model. The subscription model is based on the of users so it becomes easier to predict the costs.

How Can I Learn Sailpoint IIQ & Identity Now?

Choosing a security domain as your professional career is a great choice, and it's a domain chosen by very few people. The new age businesses are investing millions of dollars to secure organizations from modern threats and data breaches. IAM is one such segment that has gained a lot of traction over some time.

Sailpoint is a market leader and, in fact, the first organization to offer cloud-based Identity and access management solution. Techsolidity provides comprehensive training on both Sailpoint IIQ and Sailpoint identityNow with extensive lab practices, top notch materials, use cases etc. 

You can check out our extensive Sailpoint IIQ Training program, which was designed and delivered by our Sailpoint Architects. This is a job-oriented training program that contains practical sessions with a detailed walk around every component of Sailpoint on-prem solution. Things like permanent lab sessions, materials and sailpoint interview questions would make your learning process more engaging and worth investing time.

There are few institutions who are delivering extensive Sailpoint IdentityNow Training along with access to Sailpoint cloud lab environment. Techsolidity is one such institution that helps you with your unique Sailpoint identityNow learning requirement.


Sailpoint is a solution that is far ahead of its competitors and constantly upgrading its IAM solution to provide unmatched performance to organizations. We have discussed almost all the core comparisons between Sailpoint IIQ and Identity Now. I hope you find this helpful information.

By Tech Solidity

Last updated on May 21, 2024