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We live in a computerized world where everything is interlinked. The Internet is a technological breakthrough that has opened gates for endless possibilities. Organizations across the globe are leveraging Internet facilities to perform their day-to-day operations, and using the Internet involves security challenges.

Cybercriminals are finding different paths to attack organizations, and to protect themselves from these evolving breaches, businesses have to build strong security infrastructure. Implementing a strong network infrastructure helps organizations eliminate and minimize the risk of cyberattacks and run business operations without interruption.

A cybersecurity framework combines technologies, tools, guidelines, and practices that help organizations fight against security breaches. Identity and access management is a critical aspect of the cybersecurity framework, which regulates access to organizational resources. It helps organizations have end-to-end control over who has access to what resources, access monitoring, password management, de-provisioning, etc. 

We have a wide range of products in the market that offer advanced IAM features, including Oracle, IBM, Micorosft, Okta, Sailpoint, etc. Sailpoint is a leader in IAM segments and stands out with innovative features.

Sailpoint offers two products: Sailpoint IIQ (an on-prem Solution) and Sailpoint IdentityNow (a SaaS Solution). In this blog, we will explore Sailpoint IdentityNow's architecture, features, advantages over on-prem, etc.

What is Sailpoint IdentityNow

Sailpoint IdentityNow is a cloud-based identity and access management solution that offers a centralized UI to secure access to sensitive data, control user access, and simplify implementation of regulatory complianceSailpoint IdentityNow platform leverages AI & ML and makes the deployment process more accessible. With this cloud solution, it becomes far easier & cost-effective to manage identities, deeper visibility, reduce risk, and increase protection.

Sailpoint IdentityNow is a comprehensive identity Access management solution that offers cool features for managing identity lifecycles, compliance, passwords, connectors, and integrations.

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Sailpoint IdentityNow Architecture

Sailpoint IdentityNow comes with a multi-tenant microservice architecture that offers a comprehensive approach to access management, provisioning, password management, separation of duties, policy management, etc.

The Sailpoint IdentityNow architecture offers unmatchable benefits with any SaaS-based governance platform. The IdentityNow platform offers a highly flexible architecture that supports organizations in aligning with best practices, easy deployment, archive operational efficiency, user identity protections, etc. The best part of this architecture is " zero downtime,” and organizations do not need to worry about updates, management, etc. 

Advantages of Sailpoint IdentityNow Architecture (Multi-Tenant)

Following are the considerable advantages of Sailpoint identityNow architecture:

1) Scalability:

IdentityNow is built for the cloud and leverages cloud infrastructure for easy scaling, and flexibility. This cloud architecture gains edge over on-prem architecture in many aspects such as implementation, scalability, management, etc.

2) Microservices Architecture:

Sailpoint IdentityNow leverages a microservices architecture that supports independently deployable services. It offers easy scalability, agility, and scalability of individual components as needed.

3) Easy - Integration:

IdentityNow supports API-based integrations to create seamless integrations between applications, data, and systems. 

4) Extended Functionality:

IdentityNow architecture is designed with a modular approach to meet specific customized requirements of organizations without compromising functional performance.

5) Automated Lifecycle Management

This architecture automates identity life cycle management through provisioning, de-provisioning, etc. 

6) Innovative Identity Governance:

The IdentityNow architecture supports all basic to advanced governance capabilities, including policy enforcement, access certification, risk analytics, role management, etc.

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Sailpoint IdentityNow Features:

Sailpoint IdentityNow offers a range of advanced yet easy-to-use features to help organizations effectively manage their digital identities. The following are some of the notable features offered by Sailpint IDentityNow.

1) Process Automation: 

Provisioning and de-provisioning a user's access manually takes time, and resources have to spend valuable time on it. Identity now automates this process based on predefined policies and user attributes. It ensures that users have appropriate access to perform their duties and minimizes risks associated with unauthorized user access.  

2) Access Certification:

Sailpoint IdentityNow offers a seamless process for user access review and ensures that all compliance and policies are implemented. Moreover, IdentityNow comes with features to automate Access certification campaigns to simplify the review process and enhance efficiency.

3) SSO

Single Sign-on (SSO) allows users to use one set of credentials to access different systems and applications. It is one of IdentityNow's considerable features, eliminating password fatigue and enhancing productivity.

4) Identity Lifecycle Management

Sailpoint identityNow manages an employee's end-to-end identity management process from joining a company to leaving a company. It provides the right users with the right access at the right time and ensures auto revocation of access when an employee leaves. 

5) RBAC:

Sailpoint offers role-based access control capabilities to simplify access provision processes based on a user's job role. This feature ensures that all users have the right access to perform their duties and implements least privilege principles.

6) Policies and Regulations:

It becomes easier for organizations to implement different identity policies and regulations across the organization. Identitynow offers simplified features to enforce organization-wide authentication policies, access restrictions, and password policies.

7) Risk Scoring Analytics:

IdentityNow provides administrators or identity managers with user-based risk scores to help them make the right decision about provisioning access to a user. The risk score is decided based on specific user behavior and access patterns.

8) Sailpoint IdentityNow Connectors:

identityNow offers a pool of connectors that simplifies creating integrations between applications, identity sources, and directories. Moreover, it supports custom integrations and integration between on-prem and cloud applications. 

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Sailpoint identityNow offers comprehensive digital identity management features to match organizations' growing identity management requirements. Its multi-tenant cloud architecture made it a perfect solution for organizations to scale as per their needs and secure digital identities. This blog helped you understand more about Sailpoint IdentityNow architecture, features, etc.

By Tech Solidity

Last updated on May 21, 2024