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Welcome to the BeyondTrust tutorial! The demand for cybersecurity technologies to secure organizational privacy from increasing cyber threats has grown tremendously. Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to steal organizations' confidential data. Compromised security would cause severe damage to the organizational reputation & damage its market.

According to Check Point Report, cyber-attacks across the globe have hiked by 38% in 2022 compared to 2021. To mitigate cyber-attacks, organizations use advanced cyber technologies that specialize in different cybersecurity areas.

BeyondTrust is a cybersecurity software specializing in privileged Access Management and offers advanced features to manage & control privileged accounts in an organization effectively. Before going into the details, let's understand some essential points

What is Privileged Access Management?

In general, an organization consists of different teams that require accessibility to organizational critical resources to perform their tasks effectively. People at higher levels need special or extended access to sensitive organizational information, and this accessibility is called privileged access management.

With Privileged Access Management tools, organizations can have greater control over users and applications accessing sensitive information and critical infrastructure. This software protects organizations from cyberattacks like password theft, privilege misuse, etc.

Privileged accounts can be categorized into two groups, namely, human & non-human accounts. 

Following are the Human Privileged Accounts

  • Superuser account
  • Domain administrative account
  • Local administrative account
  • Emergency account
  • Secure socket shell (SSH) key
  • Privileged business user

Below listed are the non-human privileged accounts

  • Application account
  • Service account
  • Secret
  • SSH key

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Core Components of a PAM Solution?

A typical PAM solution offers greater control over user accounts and clear visibility across the organizational infrastructure. The following are the typical components of the PAM solution. 

  • Access Manager
  • Session Manager
  • Password Manager

Let's get a simple overview of each of these components

1) Access Manager

The access manager component acts as a centralized platform to manage and control the accessibility of different users effectively. It comes with features like customizable portals, scales as per requirement, auditable tools, etc.

2) Session Manager

The session manager is another essential component of any PAM solution and monitors privileged users' activity in real-time and detects suspicious activities. It uses OCR technology that simplifies the work of security investigators by eliminating the need to watch hours of footage.

3) Password Manager

The password Manager component supports security teams in effectively managing passwords and enforcing password policies. All the passwords are stored in a centralized and encrypted vault, and administrators can rotate, regulate, and revoke passwords anytime. It performs complete tasks related to password management, uses a centralized vault to store & secure passwords, etc.


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What is BeyondTrust?

BeyondTrust is an emerging Privileged Access Management (PAM)solution equipped with AI & ML technology to protect organizations from evolving cyberattacks. This software offers greater control and clear visibility of all privileged accounts.  It provides out-of-the-box solutions to manage accessibility to critical systems, detect potential vulnerabilities, and prevent unauthorized access.
Products Offered by BeyondTrust:
Below listed are the four different types of products offered by BeyondTrust:

  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Endpoint Privilege Management

Let's understand each product in detail:

Privileged Access Management (PAM): 

BeyondTrust PAM offers advanced security features to control and manage privileged accounts of an organization effectively. It supports organizations in securely managing access to their critical assets and data. Moreover, it offers session monitoring, password management, most minor privilege enforcement, remote access management, etc.

Vulnerability Management

This BeyondTrust solution supports organizations from security threats before they even occur. Its advanced features help organizations identify security loopholes in the network and systems. Vulnerability management scans for potential risks and addresses them immediately.

Secure Remote Access

BeyondTrust Secure Remote Access product helps organizations securely manage the remote accessibility of employees, applications, vendors, and third parties to critical infrastructure. It offers advanced features such as MFA, session monitoring, audit connections, etc.

Endpoint Privilege Management

This BeyondTrust solution helps organizations implement privilege policies on endpoints. 
It gives greater control to IT administrators and prevents unauthorized software installations.

BeyondTrust PAM Features:

BeyondTrust's privileged Access Management solution offers out-of-the-box features to give zero tolerance to cyberattacks. Following are some of the notable PAM features offered by BeyondTrust.

1) Privileged Password Management

This feature securely manages privileged passwords using a centralized storage system. It rotates passwords and eliminates the risk of unauthorized access.

2) Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

BeyondTrust enforces multi-layers of the authentication process and provides access to the users only when they successfully provide the correct information at different levels. MFA is a robust security solution allowing only authorized users to access the information.

3) Session Management

This feature allows IT administrators to record and monitor the activity of privileged users. It acts as a means to review and detect any suspicious activity by privileged users.

4) Role Based Access Control (RABC)

RABC simplifies IT administrators' tasks by creating roles and giving role-based access. This feature allows users to access only the required resources to perform their tasks and eliminates the unnecessary exposure of all information.

5) Password Management Between Applications

BeyondTrust securely manages passwords used by applications to interact with one another. Moreover, it eliminates hardcoding and improves overall security.

6) Audit and Reporting 

This feature enables IT administrators to audit the user's access and create required reports.

7) Integration & API Support

BeyondTrust offers an easy integration process with other tools and applications internally and externally. It securely manages the integrations and API points.

8) Policy Enforcement

This feature ensures all privileged accounts are aligned with the predefined rules and conditions. 

9) Least Privilege Management

This feature allows administrators to ensure all users have only the required/minimum level of accessibility to work on their job roles.

10) Workflow Automation:

Automated workflows eliminate mundane operations in privileged access management processes and reduce administrative tasks. 

BeyondTrust Password Safe

BeyondTrust Password Safe is an enterprise-grade password manager solution that manages end-to-end privileged passwords, credentials, secrets, and sessions related to machines and people. All the access requests are passed through predefined approval rule sets. 

The following are the critical features of password safe:

  • Password Vault
  • Automated Password Rotation
  • Audit and Compliance
  • API Support
  • Integration with PAM Suite

By now, you may have gained some insights into this rapidly growing Privileged Access Management solution. The market share of BeyondTrust has been increasing due to its advanced features and costing model. You can also find more information about this tool by visiting BeyondTrust.  

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Last updated on January 24, 2024