CyberArk Interview Questions

Welcome to the CyberArk interview questions guide! Over the last decade, we have seen massive growth in new technology development, and there has been an enormous rise in human and machine identities to support digital technology-driven organizations. A typical organization consists of thousands of identities, which must be managed securely to be free from evolving identity-based attacks.

An Intelligent Identity Security approach is something that today's organizations need to secure digital identities across cloud & hybrid environments.  CyberArk is a market leader in the privilege access management (PAM) segment, offering intelligent privilege controls for securing digital identities. The CyberArk identity security platform provides greater control for protecting PAM user accounts, passwords, machine identities, endpoints, sensitive information, and customer access from unauthorized users.

There has been constant growth for skilled CyberArk professionals to manage the growing identities of organizations. This Cyberark Interview questions blog provides a guide to attain detailed knowledge on every Cyberark component and prepares you to face any CyberArk interview you attend.

To simplify your interview preparation process, we have segregated the whole questions into three main areas:
  • Basic CyberArk Interview Questions And Answers
  • Intermediate CyberArk PAM Interview Questions
  • CyberArk Technical interview questions for experienced.

CyberArk Interview Questions And Answers

Let’s start with fundamental concepts to cover identity management, PAM,  Cyberark basics, etc.

1) What is an Identity & Access management?

Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a security approach comprising technologies and security policies to manage digital identities. Using IAM tools or software, IT administrators can control & track user access to organizational resources.

2) What is Multi-factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is a security approach in which two-step verification is required for an individual to access any resource. It acts as an additional layer of security to access critical information.

3) What is Single Sign-on (SSO)?

SSO is an advanced approach to identity management and eliminates the need to enter user credentials multiple times to access different applications. The Single-Sign-On technology combines multiple application logins into one, and the user has to enter credentials once to access all the applications.

CyberArk PAM Interview Questions 

4) What is Privileged Access Management (PAM)?

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a cybersecurity approach that helps organizations securely manage privileged access (access beyond standard users) to sensitive information and critical assets. It controls the accessibility of PAM users, accounts, systems, devices, and applications and reduces security breaches arising from misused privileges.

5) Give Some Examples for the PAM Accounts.

Below stated are the standard privileged accounts found in an organization:

  • Domain administrative accounts
  • Local administrative accounts
  • Active Directory accounts
  • Service accounts
  • Break glass accounts
  • Application accounts

6) What are Privileged Credentials?

Privileged credentials are a subset of credentials that facilitate elevated access for PAM users. The best example of a Privileged credential is SSH keys, which allow users to access servers and open pathways to see the most sensitive information.

7) What are the Advantages of Privileged Access Management?

The following are the reasons why PAM is critical:

  • Offers a solid surface to protect from all kinds of threats
  • Minimizes malware infection
  • Enahces operational performance
  • Easy to comply with security policies

8) Define CyberArk?

CyberArk is a leading privileged access management solution provider in the PAM segment and offers cutting-edge security features that today’s modern enterprises need. It provides end-to-end solutions to securely manage elevated permission to critical assets and sensitive data, preventing unauthorized users from accessing them.

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9) Explain the CyberArk Features.

  • Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Privileged Account Security
  • Session Isolation and Monitoring
  • Least Privilege and Just-in-Time Access
  • Integration and Automation
  • Threat Analytics and Detec

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CyberArk Implementation Interview Questions 

10) What is CyberaArk Digital Vault?

The digital vault is software, an essential component of Cyberark, and it securely stores sensitive information & controls access to this information. It is a central repository that holds all sensitive data and provides restricted access.

11) What is Password Vault Web Access (PVWA)?

The Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) is a Self-Hosted web solution allowing users to configure the PAM over the web.

12) Define Central Policy Manager.

It is a security component of Cyberark and requires no dedicated machine, and CPM manages security policies related to systems and applications across an organization.CPM helps organizations enforce security policies effectively and plays a significant role in preventing identity breaches. 

13) What is a Privileged Session Manager?

The privileged session manager is one of Cyberark's core components responsible for recording and monitoring PAM account sessions. 

14) Define CyberArk’s  Privileged Threat Analytics.

CyberArk Privileged Threat Analytics (PTA)  is a security mechanism in CyberArk designed to monitor and detect malicious carried by PAM accounts. if any malicious operations are detected, It alerts system administrators through notifications. 

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CyberArk Technical Interview Questions 

15) What is SSH key Manager?

A Secure Shell (SSH) key is a secure and encrypted protocol that facilitates remote connections. This is mainly employed for network management, file transfer, remote operating systems, etc. 

16) Password Upload Utility?

The Password Upload Utility is used to create objects from a password list and works in association with the Cyberark password vault. It automates the process for large password uploads and simplifies the vault implementation process.

17) What are the Different ways to Manage CyberArk vault?

We can be managed using the following ways:

  • PrivateArk Web Client
  • PrivateArk Client
  • Private Vault Web Access

18) Name the two Modules used for Cyberark Recording Sessions.

  • Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM)
  • Privileged Session Manager (PSM)

19) What are the secrets of CyberArk?

Cyberark Secrets are non-human privileged credentials or information that enable users to access sensitive data from applications, systems, DevOps, etc.

20) What is API in CyberArk?

Cyberark APIs are used to configure & automate workflows in the cloud and eliminate tedious manual tasks.


The above outlined are the frequently asked cyberark interview questions, and this blog will be updated soon with the latest and scenario-based questions. There is a good demand for cyberark skilled candidates with excellent career opportunities.

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Last updated on January 25, 2024