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Welcome to the CyberArk certification blog! The cybersecurity field has gained much traction over the years due to evolving cyber threats. Organizations around the globe are using advanced technologies & strategies to prevent attacks and unauthorized access. Privilege access management is one such strategy that regulates access to sensitive information.

In this CyberArk Certification blog post, let's discuss PAM & CyberArk, the different certifications available in CyberArk, career opportunities for CybeAark professionals, etc.

What is a Privilege Access Management?

Privileged Access Management PAM is a cybersecurity strategy that is being used to effectively control access to sensitive information by privileged users. Privileged users are those who have been granted additional accessibility than ordinary users and are at higher levels. Examples of privileged accounts include administrator accounts, service accounts, application accounts, etc.

What is CyberArk?

Cyberark is a leading PAM solution that offers advanced features to control and manage user accessibility to organizational sensitive information. It can be deployed on-prem and multi-cloud platforms and prevents unauthorized user access. Cyberark manages end-to-end accessibility of users and ensures users have the appropriate level of access to perform their job effectively.

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CyberArk Certification Path

In general, certifications are treated as benchmarks to evaluate the technical knowledge of professionals. Getting certified in a specific domain would demonstrate you as a technically sound person and helps you get more career opportunities. 

CyberArk offers different levels of certifications to validate candidates' expertise and issue certification badges. This CyberArk certification path will discuss each certification in detail.

The following is the list of certifications offered by Cyberark at different levels. 

  • Trustee Certification
  • Defender Certification
  • Sentry Certification
  • Guardian Certification

Let us understand each one in a detailed way:

Level:1 CyberArk Trustee Certification

This is an entry-level certification and evaluates candidates' understanding of privileged accounts, access management, threat landscape, etc. Following are the exam details:

Exam Name: CyberArk Trustee
Questions Type: Multiple Choice
No. of Questions: 20 

Level:2 Defender Certification

This is a second-level certification and validates the candidate's ability to manage regular identity operations using the CyberArk platform.

Exam Name: CyberArk Defender
Questions Type: Multiple Choice
No. of Questions:  65 (Q)
Exam Fee: $200 USD

Level: 3 Sentry Certification

CyberArk defender certification validates the candidate's theory as well as the implementation and configuration skills of a candidate.

Exam Name: CyberArk Sentry
Questions Type: Multiple Choice
No. of Questions:  65 (Q)
Exam Fee: $200 USD

Level:4 Guardian Certification

It's an architect-level certification and validates the skillset of participants' knowledge of various Cyberark solutions. 

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Well, you might have understood with this blog what all the certifications offered by CyberArk are and what skills they expect to validate in each exam. Before winding up this blog, we would like to let you know that we can help you in clearing your certification with our extensive certification clearance programs.

By Tech Solidity

Last updated on September 7, 2023