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Welcome to the AEM Author blog post! The Internet revolution has changed the traditional way of doing business and marketing is one of the key areas that has witnessed a great change. Before the Internet revolution businesses used traditional marketing strategies to promote, market, and sell their products.

Technological developments, the smartphone revolution, and easy access to the web have shifted marketing from offline to online. Businesses all around the world have moved online to market their products online and reach billions of people without any national barriers.

Website is one of the key entities to represent business online and promote & sell products through it. AEM is one such top technology & supports businesses in building a strong web presence. In this blog post, we will be discussing a key part of the Adobe Experience Manager platform which is the AEM Author. Let’s get into the discussion.

What is Content Authoring?

Content Authoring is one of the key aspects of modern content management systems. It is a dedicated environment using which authors plan, design, deliver, and manage web content. Content authors are the people who would be performing all the authoring operations and use different tools to edit, upload, delete, and manage content online. 

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Introduction to AEM Content Author:

AEM is one of the leading content management solutions that enables organizations to build and manage websites online. Adobe Experience Manager offers a dedicated environment for authoring operations using which a content author can log in, plan, create, modify, review, manage, and delete content before it is available to users.

AEM Author environment offers an easy-to-use User interface to work on various content authoring operations. It is a fully secured environment located behind the company's firewall and a user has to enter credentials to log in. Using the AEM Author environment an author can effectively manage & what a user can see. Once the authoring operations are finished it is ready to publish to the users using the AEM publisher environment.

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AEM Publish Instance.

This is one of the major components of the content authoring process & makes the content available to the actual users. The Publisher instance also comes with similar capabilities to the author instance. It receives approved content from the author instance and the dispatcher is another component that pulls content from the publisher and displays it to users.

AEM Dispatcher

Adobe Experience Manager comes with the capability to serve user requests on its own but there are chances of slowing down in request processing when millions of users are accessing the website. To handle high volumes of requests effectively AEM uses a dispatcher. 

It is a caching & load-balancing tool & makes the environment fast & dynamic.  AEM user Dispatcher speeds up the content delivery process and handles a high volume of requests from millions of users.

AEM Author Jobs

AEM authoring is one of the most demanding jobs & requires basic HTML, CSS, and web publishing skills. Every website ever built using the CMS platform requires an author to manage end-to-end authoring operations. There is a very limited awareness in the market regarding content authoring jobs and people with good skills can easily be hired with good packages.

Roles & Responsibilities of AEM Author

A content author is responsible for content planning to deliver it to the end users. He/she has to coordinate with multiple teams to build required content & deliver it on time. Based on the rights of an AEM Author professional he or she can perform below tasks:

  • Create new content
  • Make changes to existing content
  • Create new content pages
  • Create, and edit assets 
  • Manage publications
  • Develop community sites
  • Develop & manage communities & campaigns
  • Publish or unpublish pages

And there are many other miscellaneous AEM author tasks that vary from project to project.

How to gain AEM Author Job Ready Skills?

As discussed in our blog post AEM author is a demanding profession and the right skills are required to get into a high-paying job. Well, to help the candidate secure a high-paying AEM author job Techsolidity has designed an end-to-end master course on AEM authoring. This course will help you gain practical skills and clear interviews on your own. You can check out the AEM author course page for more details.


Authoring is a core aspect of the AEM platform & simplifies the content delivery of websites. I believe this blog post on AEM authors may have helped you gain an overall view of how it works, its components, who is an AEM author, job roles, etc. 

By Tech Solidity

Last updated on September 8, 2023