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Welcome to Sitecore Horizon Bog! Horizon is one of the core components of Sitecore that allows users to make required changes to web pages, test pages on different devices, gain helpful insights, and more. This blog helps you gain an overall understanding of what horizon is, components, installation, features, and more.

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What is Sitecore Horizon?

Horizon is an advanced page editor and offers extra features that are not available in Experience Editor. Horizon eliminates the roadblocks associated with experience editors and supports the editors with high-speed, auto-save, redo, undo options, a clear layout, etc.

Sitecore Horizon Content Editing Tools:

Sitecore comes with two core content editing tools that are pages & content. Let's explore more about them.

Pages: This tool enables you to add and edit pages and view how web pages look when you publish on your website. It combines editing and design capabilities and allows the users to perform things like direct adding of components and editing content.

Content: This tool offers you powerful capabilities to edit any item from a content tree of a site and see metadata for the fields.

Horizon Features:

Horizon offers the following three core features:

1) The Page Editor:

This feature simplifies the process for the users to add and edit the content on web pages. You can also compare how the contents look on different devices even before publishing. It saves all the work automatically and presents you with options like undo and redo.

2) Simulator:

The Horizon application offers users a Simulator feature that allows the users to understand how a web page or campaign looks on different dates and on different devices. For example, if you have created a campaign to be run on specific future dates, you can view how the ad looks on future dates using a simulator option.

3) Page Insights:

Sitecore Horizon Insights feature presents you with clear data about each page and how the specific page is performing on different devices. This feature helps the developers with clear insights so that they can make the pages better with appropriate changes. By default, you will get the data such as date-wise conversion rate, user time on the page, bounce rate, and more.

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Sitecore Horizon v/s Experience Editor

Both Sitecore experience editor and Horizon are being used for performing page editing operations. Experience editor has been introduced almost ten years ago and helps users with better page editing options.

Horizon is the latest page editor tool developed by Sitecore, but it didn't claim it is a replacement for experience editor. Following are the core differences between these two tools.

Speed: Horizon performs the tasks faster compared to Experience Editor

Undo/ Redo Options: These options are not supported by experience editor and Horizon supports.

Sitecore Horizon Installation

There are 3 key steps to follow in order to download and configure Sitecore Horizon. It can be installed on-premises or in cloud environments. To know more follow Sitecore official Horizon Installation Guide.

The following are the three steps:

Step 1: Download and Configure File
Step 2: Script Execution
Step 3: Testing

Step 1: Download and Configure File: The very first thing you have to do is download the file from the installation guide and make the required changes to match your instance.

Step 2: Now the second step is to execute the ‘install.ps1’ script from Powershell. This process creates a Horizon website with suitable parameters.

Step 3: Now, you will be able to see Horizon in the updated Launchpad. Click on the tile to navigate to the Horizon interface.

Sitecore Horizon Advantages:

As discussed earlier Sitecore Horizon is a most powerful editor and contributes its share for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Following are some of the considerable advantages when you using Horizon.

  1. Easy interface and drag and Drop feature to build compelling web pages.
  2. Far simpler to edit and move pages.
  3. A content Tree eliminates complexity and helps to design the workflow of a web page.
  4. The Architecture is built around delivering speed.
  5. Hassle-free deployment and easy publishing process.


Without any further doubt, we all know that Sitecore Horizon is an advanced version of Experience editor and is designed to deliver revolutionized editing features and performance for developers. If you are willing to upskill yourself on Sitecore from the world's leading CMS practitioners, you can visit our Sitecore training page and get to know more about our training programs.

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Last updated on February 13, 2024