Saviynt Interview Questions

Welcome to Saviynt interview questions! Saviynt is one of the top 3 cloud-based identity and access management providers with modern security features. This platform is a one-stop solution for effectively managing identities and their accessibility to organizational resources.

The business digital transformation process, complex organizational structure, and increased identities have created a need for implementing adequate security policies. Saviynt offers end-to-end solutions and cutting-edge features to manage & control digital identities, and there is a significant demand for Saviynt professionals. Below are the frequently asked Saviynt interview questions, along with brief answers.
Basic Saviynt Interview Questions & Answers

1) What is Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Identity and access management is a security framework or software to enforce security policies at an enterprise level. It has been designed to have 100% control over electronic or digital identities in an organization.

The identity management framework minimizes security or data breaches by granting required resource access and eliminates the need to elevate sensitive information. IT administrators can use this IAM technology to onboard new identities, rotate passwords, grant additional access, remove access, update access, spot security threats, etc.

2) What are the Systems used in an IAM Solution?

The following are the typical systems used in any IAM solution:

  • Single sign-on systems
  • Two & multi-factor authentication
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM), etc.

3) What is Saviynt?

Saviynt is a cloud-based intelligent cloud-based Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution. It offers various IAM solutions such as enterprise identity cloud, third-party access governance, identity governance, privileged access management, application access governance, etc.

Saviynt enforces its intelligent security features to protect critical assets, provide the proper access to the right users, gain complete visibility through analytics, etc. Moreover, Saviynt offers seamless integration with thousands of applications and enforces IAM regulations across an organization.

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4) What is Saviynt’s intelligent access request?

Saviynt offers a feature called intelligent access request, which enables required access to the right users to eliminate time delays in performing their tasks. This feature can grant access to the right users and identify risky users.

5) What is the Purpose of Saviynt?

Security Manager web-service APIs in Saviynt are designed to build predictable URLs and HTTP response codes to identify and highlight API errors. 

6) Name the API Calls Available in Saviynt.

Following are the different API calls available in Saviynt:

  • Identity Administration APIs
  • Access Request  APIs
  • Identity Analytics APIs
  • Rule Engineering APIs
  • Delegated Administration APIs
  • Common Utilities APIs
  • Segregation of Duties (SoD) APIs

7) What is the use of Identity Administration APIs?

The Identity Administration APIs help execute CRUD operations on user records in Saviynt. The CRUD operations performed using these APIs include Create-Read-Update-Delete. Using these APIs, one can also perform access provisioning and password management tasks.

8)Why do we use Identity Analytics APIs?

The Saviynt Identity Analytics APIs manage and control analytics and dashboards.

9) What is the use of Access Request APIs?

The Access Request APIs are used to handle access requests and to track request processing.

10) What is the use of Common Utilities APIs?

The primary use of utilities APIS is for building bespoke IGA applications

11) What is a Saviynt Identity Boat?

The Saviynt Bot or iBot is an essential  IGA component and simplifies the management of multiple applications. It is an intelligent tool designed to automate and manage application workflows & accounts onboarding. Saviynt’s iBot learns the processes through intuitive training and implementation automation across admin & compliance tasks.

12) What does it mean by Campaign in Saviynt?

The Campaign is a valuable Saviynt feature designed to store similar certifications into one group. Similar certificates are grouped into one Campaign instead of individual certifications, simplifying the process of monitoring multiple certifications under one campaign.

13) What are the Campaign Types Available?

SSM offers various campaign types to review access. Following are the types of campaigns used for reviewing application access:

  • Application Owner
  • User Manager
  • Service Account
  • Entitlement Owner

14) What is an Authoritative Source in Saviynt?

Saviynt’s Authoritative source is an application that securely stores customer data and acts as a route for data correctness. Saviynt platform uses its automation capabilities to create an identity authority source to monitor infrastructure continuously. 

15) What is the Segregation of Duties in Saviynt?

The separation of duties is an approach applied to delegate sensitive tasks among people. The core reason behind implementing SOD is to reduce insider threats and to enforce better preventive controls.

16) Define Orphan Accounts.

An Orphan account is an account in Saviynt with access to systems and applications without an active owner or not associated with a user. Orphan accounts are considered high-risk accounts and one of the areas highly focused on by IT auditors for security checks.

17) What is Entitlement in IAM?

In identity and access management, the entitlements are nothing but permissions and define actions a user can perform, resources & data they can access, etc.

18) Name the industries where Saviynt is being used.

Following are the industries where Saviynt is used to control and manage Identities:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Higher Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

19) How flexible is the Saviynt Platform for integrations?

Saviynt platform offers seamless and highly scalable integration capabilities to create customized integrations. Following are some of the top integrations supported by Saviynt:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Databricks
  • Dynamics 365
  • Oracle
  • Epic
  • Google Cloud
  • ServiceNow, etc. 

20) Explain the advantages of Saviynt’s IAR.

The following are the advantages of Saviynt:

  • Fast Access provision
  • Easy approval process
  • Simple to detect threats

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Last updated on March 21, 2024