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Welcome to the IBM Maximo interview questions and answers Blog! Here in this blog, we will discuss basic to advanced IBM Maximo Interview questions. This blog majorly covers interview questions from all aspects of the Maximo platform and enhances your knowledge to perform better in your next interview. Let's jump right into the Maximo interview questions and answers part!

Basic IBM Maximo Interview Questions

1) What is Asset Management software?

Asset management software is an application that has been used to monitor and manage an organizational asset from procurement to disposal. It acts as a centralized system and offers clear visibility into asset information such as the location of the asset, who is using it, its condition, asset details, etc.

The other name for the asset management software is Asset management tool. This software is used to manage both the software and hardware assets of an organization.

2) What are the advantages of asset management software?

Following are the core benefits of using Asset management software:

  • Effective usage of assets
  • Offers clear asset information
  • Reduce asset maintenance costs
  • Eliminate obsolete assets
  • Better decision making
  • Improved asset tracking

3)  Name a few  Enterprise Asset Management software you know.

Following are some of the well-known enterprise asset management tools:

  • IBM Maximo
  • UpKeep
  • IFS Cloud
  • E-Business Suite - Enterprise Asset Management
  • eMaint
  • SAP ERP Suite
  • Fiix
  • MVP Plant, etc.

4) What is IBM Maximo Software?

IBM Maximo is a popular and widely deployed enterprise asset management software tool that helps users to manage all organizational assets from a centralized platform. Maximo software offers you clear visibility into organizational assets, their location & condition, allocation, and a lot more. It simplifies the process of managing the end-to-end life cycle of an asset and helps organizations in making more informed decisions regarding their assets.

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5) What is the role of the IBM Maximo Database?

Maximo database helps the users by providing critical information such as asset resources,  Configuration, attributes, logical & physical relationships, and more. It acts as a guide to managing assets.

6) Explain about the Start center in Maximo?

The Maximo Start Center enables you to build key performance indicators (KPIs) using which you can track asset conditions and execute automated trigger actions. It supports the users in creating, assigning, monitoring, and reporting on essential process components, including service desk tickets,  work orders, purchase orders, etc.

7) What are the core modules offered by Maximo?

Following are the different modules offered by Maximo:

  • Asset Management
  • Service Management
  • Work Management
  • Materials Management
  • Contract Management
  • Procurement Management

8) What is Maximo Application Designer?

IBM Maximo Application Designer presents the users with a set of features to configure and manage existing applications.  Application designer options are available in both production and non-production environments.

9) Name the database servers supported by Maximo?

Following are the database servers supported by IBM Maximo:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • DB2

10) What is admin mode in Maximo?

Admin mode is an advanced function available in Maximo which enables the administrator to configure the database without interrupting or shutting down the Maximo server.

11) What is Maximo Scheduler?

Maximo Scheduler is a work management solution that offers the tools needed to plan, schedule, and assign processes effectively.

12) What are the advantages of Maximo Scheduler?

Following are the benefits of Maximo Scheduler:

  • Easy work scheduling
  • Work assignment
  • Coordination with workforce availability
  • Effectively Managing projects
  • Automates scheduling and assignment decisions
  • Easy data validation

13) What is the REST API in Maximo?

The REST API in Maximo allows external applications to query and make changes to application data in the Maximo platform.

14) What is the Maximo Integration framework?

IBM Maximo provides the users with an advanced integration framework that allows the users to create integrations between internal as well as external applications and data. The integration framework consists of predefined content and allows you to build new integration points.

15) What is Workflow in Maximo?

Maximo Workflow is nothing but a procedure to route records from one user to another. It also defines the works to be performed on a specific record.

16) Name the Workflow Nodes?

  • Start Node
  • Task Node
  • Manual Input Node
  • Condition Node
  • Subprocess Node
  • Interaction Node
  • Wait Node
  • Stop Node

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Last updated on January 18, 2024