Dell Boomi Tutorial

Well, I believe you are in search of finding some information about what Dell Boomi is, why it is used, how it works, its features, advantages, etc. This Dell Boomi tutorial has been designed to answer your questions in an easy-to-understand manner and helps you walk away with in and outs of the Dell Boomi platform. Before jumping into the problem let's understand the real-world challenges that Boomi can address.

The digital revolution has transformed the business landscape of every industry and it has become mandatory to use different technologies and tools to run a business smoothly and stay competitive. A typical business consists of multiple systems, applications, data, cloud & on-prem solutions.

The digital business environment requires an end-to-end connection between the systems, applications, and data of an organization for interchanging information and to have a better internal workflow. That is why you need an advanced integration solution that connects everything, with everyone, enhances workflows, and automates manual tasks. Dell Boomi is an advanced integration platform that has the capability to offer out of box integration solutions.

What is Dell Boomi?

Dell Boomi is an industry-leading integration platform offered as a platform as a service (iPaaS), and also specializes in other services such as API management, data preparation, and Master data management. It enables organizations to intelligently connect all their applications and automate workflows.

Dell Boomi comes with an advanced yet simple-to-use visual interface & drag-drop functionality that allows users to build, test & deploy any sort of integration. Using the Dell Boomi platform we can integrate cloud & on-prem applications and data. It is easier, faster, and cost-effective to build integrations using Dell Boomi.

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What is Dell Boomi's AtomSphere?

Dell Boomi AtomSphere is an integration platform that allows its users to create seamless connections between cloud, on-prem applications, and data. Using this platform users can design and build cloud-based integrations known as Atoms and transfer data between cloud and on-prem applications. The Atom consists of complete information required for integration.

New versions of Dell Boomi AtomSphere offer cool features such as  Boomi Assure for testing, bulk-copy to load massive volumes of data, etc. Boomi Atmosphere can support basic to enterprise-grade applications such as  Oracle E-Business Suite, HDFS, Quickbooks, etc.

Dell Boomi Components:

Dell Boomi Components are reusable configuration objects that include connections, certificates, APIs, cross-reference tables, maps, document caches, connector operations, process routes,  processes, profiles, etc.  We can view these components in the component explorer. 

It is very easy to create components and you can use them in various processes. It makes components management very easy, and you can easily manage changes to configurations and these changes can be reflected all over the references.
Dell Boomi Process Shapes:
A process consists of multiple steps denoted by shapes, that demonstrate how the end-to-end data flow works from source to destination. Dell Boomi shapes are highly flexible and can be connected in multiple ways to form integrations. Every Shape has its own configurations 

Dell Boomi Editions:

Dell Boomi offers different editions to meet different business requirements. Following are the 5 different editions offered by Dell Boomi:

  • Dell Boomi Base Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Pro Plus Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Enterprise Plus Edition

Dell Boomi Pricing

Dell Boomi Pricing is quite simple and it charges its customers based on the number of integrations that you build. It becomes far easier for you to determine the edition that you need based on your endpoint and integration requirements. Compared to other iPaaS solutions Boomi is a bit expensive but offers strong features to build integrations.


So far we have understood how powerful the dell Boomi platform is and how it made integrations easier than before with its drag-and-drop functionality. It also comes with powerpack features to build basic to complex integrations and is quite easy to scale.

By Tech Solidity

Last updated on March 18, 2023