CyberArk Conjur Course Content

CyberArk Conjur training modules, labs, assignments, projects, use cases, and more have been designed & developed carefully by our enterprise security consultants. The following are CyberArk Conjur course contents:

  • Introduction to CyberArk Conjur
  • Features of CyberArk Conjur
  • What is Leader
  • What is Standby
  • Conjur Follower
  • Conjur cluster

  • Introduction to CyberArk Conjur
  • Features of CyberArk Conjur

  • What is Leader

  • What is Standby

  • Conjur Follower

  • Conjur cluster

  • Auto-failover cluster

  • Manual failover cluster

  • Disaster Recovery Standby (DR Standby)

  • Synchronous Standby (Sync Standby)

  • Asynchronous Standby (Async Standby)

  • Basics about Replication

  • Basics about Followers

  • Deployment sequence

  • Configure Conjur Leader & Standbys

  • Certificate Update on Standbys

  • Seed generation on followers

  • Auto Failover

  • CyberArk Vault Synchronizer

  • Health Check

  • Environment alerts explanation

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CyberArk Conjur Training Objectives

During this CyberArk Conjur course, all the modules are covered and can be customizable based on the learner's requirements. You will learn the following:

  • CyberArk Fundamentals
  • Conjur System Architecture
  • Conjur Installation & Configuration
  • Conjur Workflows
  • Manage Secrets Within Enterprise Applications
  • Manage Secrets Within DevOps Applications
  • Manage Secretes in Cloud Infrastructure
  • Conjur Administration
  • Troubleshooting Issues on the Conjur platform
  • Best Practices of CyberArk Conjur 

To attend the Cyberark Conjur Training , the aspirants should have basic knowledge of any programming or scripting knowledge and windows or Linux administration. Also basic understanding of cloud, and DevOps methodologies.

  • CyberArk Professionals
  • IAM Professionals
  • Security Aspirants
  • Security Admins
  • PAM Developers

CyberArk Conjur is an open-source secrets management software that provides a seamless way to manage the accessibility of enterprise infrastructure and information. Conjur offers simple yet out-of-the-box solutions to secret management requirements of DevOps and cloud-native environments. 

Conjur simplifies the process for the developers to manage organizational credentials and Secretes. It acts as a robust secrets management software to manage the accessibility of non-human access and applications.

Our Conjur Certification training is a blend of theory, labs, and real-world use cases and gives you enough exposure to all the aspects of Conjur software. You will get enough time to practice, ask questions, work on assignments, and get all the support required to get into the Conjur project.

CyberArk Conjur Certification

Yes, you will be awarded a course completion certificate from Techsolidity. You can share this electronic certification to demonstrate your security skills to employers.


CyberArk Conjur Projects

Our CyberArk Conjur course is a practical-oriented training and includes 2 mini projects. You will be able to explore all the aspects of conjur by working on these two projects. Our expert consultant will guide you on how to use each component to manage secrets.

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CyberArk Conjur Course FAQ's

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Yes, In order to provide you the financial flexibility, we provide you the chance to pay the course fee in two installments.
Due to any reasons, you would like to cancel your registration after paying the fee, you should intimate the same to us within the first two classes. The refund amount will be processed within 30 days from the requested date.
To meet the customer expectations we provide multiple types of training which include, Live instructor-led training, Self-paced training, blended training, classroom training, corporate training, etc.
Yes, at Techsolidity all the training courses consist of a minimum of two projects to offer the candidates real-time work understanding!